*What's Losts in Yuppie World?

Losts in Yuppie World is the english version of "Perdidos en Mundo Yupi".

*Why is your english so bad?
Well, Spain doesn't have a good english education and the last time i was studying it was like more than 6 years ago, so my spanish-to-english translation its a bit rusty. Feel free to correct it :D

*Why are there so many jokes that i don't get?
There are a few reasons. One is that you aren't the type of person that gets lost in Yuppie World often, other is that well my english is bad so i can translate jokes very well and the most important reason is: because this webcomic its thought, write, draw and done in spanish and then in english so there are a looooot of references that can be translate and word-jokes that i jsut can translate because in english it doesn't exist. There can be times when the draw is the same but the joke diferent because of that too.

*Why "Losts in Yuppie World" has less strips than "Perdidos en Mundo Yupi"?
Because i started the spanish version at 2009 and the english version at 2011 and i didn't feel like translate all the stripes, so i'm just doing the english version in those strips that i like or are recent.

*Why Yuppie World?
There was a Tv program in spain that succeeded "Sesame Street" where an alien from "Yuppie World" comes to earth . The tv program didnt last and nobody remembers a single episode but the phrase "estas en los mundos de yupi" (you are in yupi worlds) became an often said phrase to those that where absent-minded, that phrase was often said to me in others versions of it (like "you are in a daze" or "stop daydreaming") but one they someone said to me "¡you are in yupi worlds!" it made me laught so i pick up the phrase and change it to a webcomic . And Yupi is said like "hurray" but in a child way.

*You draw "Yuppie world" inside a glass instead of a planet, why?
The glass has it's meaning. At '80-'90 there was a cacao-cream that was often the lunch sandwich at school and the brand became a word itself to those kinds of products, the brand name was Nocilla (Nutella) and they often put the prodcut inside glass-cup-shaped things that could be used after the cacao was over. I had a lot of these cups when i was a child and since "Yuppie World" was related with child things in its origin and it isn't realy a "world" i came up with that idea.

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